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Choosing a venue for a corporate event

One of the most important things when organising a corporate event is choosing the appropriate venue. After arranging a few functions, I began to recognize the best venues according to the goal of the event. For instance: A year planning meeting should take place at a conference center, an…

June 1, 2017

Celebrating birth: the baby shower

What does a baby shower mean to you? To me it is a way to pre-celebrate the birth of a child with friends and family, and to present the parents-to-be with gifts for the baby. Here in Switzerland (and also in most part of…

May 20, 2017

Kids birthday ideas

Our birthday was a very important date when we were kids. It was the day we felt very special, got many gifts and ate delicious cakes and sweets. It is such a pity that most of the adults don’t give anymore the proper value…

April 25, 2017

Spring tea party

I always like to celebrate my birthday, sometimes at a restaurant, other times travelling but this year I organised a small tea party at home for a few girl friends. There was no need to make it complicated, I decided to order a delicious…

March 5, 2017

Last minute Christmas party! Secret Santa

Christmas is on the corner, most of the shopping should be done by now and you are probably choosing the menu for your party. But what if you have just been asked to organise a last minute Christmas party? Don’t panic! First take a…

December 5, 2016

A simple and summery baby shower

A very nice group of friends got together on a hot afternoon to celebrate a summery baby shower organized by me. The shower took place at home and the theme chosen was “elephants”. A simple but festive buffet included a chocolate cake, cupcakes, coconut brigadeiros, sandwiches, fruits and…

July 31, 2016

Gift ideas for a baby shower

It is baby shower season, at least for me! I know five ladies who are pregnant right now and her babies are coming pretty soon hence, it is time to start shopping for a few gifts. Although baby showers are still not a must in Switzerland,…

June 17, 2016

My 40th birthday brunch

Wow I have just turned 40, I can’t believe it. Last Saturday I organised a small birthday brunch for a few good friends at Loft Five, one of my favourite places in Zurich. When it came time to start planning my 40th birthday party, I had…

March 4, 2016

The basic party kit – Greatest Hits!

When I moved to Switzerland a while ago, my first dinner set was from Ikea. It was very basic, cheap and blue. After that, I learned how to look for other pieces during the sales period and have been able to update the set…

January 1, 2016

Countdown to Christmas

Don’t panic, we still have one week to go! Take a look at my Countdown to Christmas tips to make sure that you have a stress-free week ahead. 1. Decorate your home and dress the tree – Some people let it for the 24th of…

December 18, 2015