From an empty dining room to a new home office

October 3, 2016

Today I am revealing my new home office to you.

My husband and I would like to maximize our apartment as we haven’t been able to find something better yet, therefore we made some improvements to it. One of them was to integrate our living and dining spaces, you can see the result here, and the other one was to declutter, improve and move our home office to the space which used to be our dining room. Let’s check the before and after?


This space used to be our dining room for almost 10 years. It is such a good size room which measures around 15 square meters and it was not really used unless we had guests over for lunch or dinner. I’ve already wanted to convert it to another room for a while but a few months ago I was finally able to convince my husband that it was a good idea.  Here are a couple of pictures of the room before:

dining-before-1-copy before-dining-room-3_edited-1
Oh, we can’t forget how messy and full of clutter was the old home office!

Quarto Bebe_01

After integrating the dining and living rooms, we moved the sideboard to a larger wall and bought a small shelf unit for more storage space.That is how the room looks like now:

On the opposite wall, we placed our work desk, drawer and IT hardware. img_3025-copynew-work-desk_new-office
We kept one of the large plants and placed a colourful chest box (before in the living room) which is now used as office storage.storage_new-office
We also kept the Outback poster (a photo from our trip to Australia) but moved it to another wall.
There were no huge changes, just some adaptations and a bit of creativity.

The large plant which used to be part of the living room also moved to the new office. As you can see we recycled a lot.

It is very rewarding to see the outcome of a redecoration project even if it was done on a budget and there weren’t any drastic changes. Now I need to find a new decoration project for my home!

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