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DIY canvas – Greatest Hits!

August 5, 2016

Last time I went to Brazil I bought a piece of fabric with the Copacabana beach pattern. My plan was to make a couple of pillow cases for my living room but somehow I changed my mind and decided to create two canvas for my dinning room instead. I really like the final result and today I will show you how easy is to make DIY canvas.

Blank canvas
Fabric (according to the size of the canvas)
Staple gun


1. Iron the fabric before you cut it
2. Open it on the floor, place your canvas and cut it leaving enough space on each side to staple it on the back
3. Fold it over one side of the canvas and staple it

4. Repeat it on another side making sure the fabric is taught
5. Fold and staple the last two sides
6. For the corners, take the loose fabric and fold at a diagonal along the side of the frame. Make sure you smooth out any bumps and then staple it in place

7. Use a scissor to cut the excess of fabric on the back

That is it! It is very easy and cheap to create your own canvas. What I like about this project is that you can always reuse the frames if you decide to change the decoration of your home. To do it, simply remove the staples using the staple remover and repeat the process above with the new fabric. Have fun decorating your home with DIY canvas!


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