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September 2015


2nd anniversary and new blog design

Hi guys, Happy 2nd anniversary! Wow, it has been two years since I launched Celebrating with Andréa. I started this blog because I wanted to share my event passion and experience with the whole world. My goal was to create a nice virtual place to…

September 20, 2015

Project new home office: wall gallery

One of the things I want in my revamped home office is a wall gallery. I have been collecting frames and images for a while now but haven’t been able to decide which will be the main theme yet. There are many tutorials online…

September 11, 2015

Home office inspirations

As you already know, I have been an Interior Decorating Student for a few months now and I am really enjoying the course. Last weekend I submitted my first floor plan which was very challenging and exciting at the same time, you can see…

September 4, 2015