Who wants a Brigadeiro?

February 15, 2017

When I was a child, my mother and aunt owned a Sweet Snack Shop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they sold Brazilian baked goods and Brigadeiros. I enjoyed spending time at the shop and learned from my aunt Mara, a great cook, how to make delicious Brigadeiros. I made my first Brigadeiro when I was 10 years old and since then I have been making them in various flavours.

When I made Brigadeiros for the first time here in Switzerland, they were not very successful… People told me that Brigadeiros are too sweet! But I didn’t give up, I decided to add new ingredients and now my friends and colleagues are always asking for more.

What is a Brigadeiro?
A truffle, a praline or a candy? Brigadeiros are one of the most traditional Brazilian sweet delights made from a mixture of chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and butter, slowly cooked until it reaches the right consistency. After it cools down, it is rolled into a round shape and covered with chocolate sprinkles, sugar or nuts.

Brigadeiros have been gaining international attention and is becoming a gourmet sweet, going beyond the traditional cocoa sprinkle recipe to more sophisticated versions using special ingredients like almonds, coconut, peanuts, Swiss chocolate and seasonal fruits.

Although I don’t sell Brigadeiros, I just make them for pleasure of eating them :-), I have been developing a fine menu in the past few years. My secret is to only use premium and natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavours. Here are a few of my sweet recipes.

Basic ingredients for Brigadeiros:
Sweetened condensed milk and butter
Click here for the basic recipe.

Milk: Premium Swiss milk chocolate rolled in grated milk chocolate
Slow cooked condensed milk

Happy couple:
A combination of Milk and White Brigadeiros

Mandola: White Brigadeiro rolled in almond slices
Little kiss:
Fresh coconut Brigadeiro rolled in in grated coconut

Uva: Grape covered with White Brigadeiro
Plumb: White Brigadeiro combined with organic dry plumbs
White Brigadeiro infused with fresh organic lemon zest, rolled in white chocolate

Photo credit: Juliana Pinho Fotografia


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