Happy anniversary

September 21, 2016

Hi guys,

Three years ago I launched Celebrating with Andréa because I wanted to share my passion for events with the whole world. The goal was to create a virtual place to be used as inspiration by anyone.

Time has passed by and a few things have changed, the most recent blog posts have been reflecting my new experiences:

  • I attended and graduated a Diploma Course of Interior Design
  • As a consequence of my diploma course, I have been sharing more decor ideas with you
  • I’ve been posting more travel impressions
  • I joined the party committee at work and shared a few posts about corporate events

Today Celebrating with Andréa is turning three years old and I hope you still enjoy its concept and design.

Happy 3rd anniversary!

With love,


Photo: Pixabay


Before and after: Living room

An updated living room My husband and I have been living at the same place for almost 10 years. It is a good size 2-bedroom apartment with a very large kitchen, a good size living and dining rooms and a medium size balcony.  Because we need more…

September 9, 2016

From a messy home office to a cozy nursery

Transform a home office into a nursery, this was the 10th assignment of my Interior Design course. I had to find a friend (treat her as a client), choose one room in her home that needs work and suggest a scheme for it. My friend lives with her husband…

September 2, 2016

My Diploma Course in Interior Design

14 months after starting my Diploma Course in Interior Design, I finally graduated and received my diploma. Although it took longer than I expected, it was such a rewarding experience. A few people have contacted me in the past year asking for some tips about…

August 12, 2016

DIY canvas – Greatest Hits!

Last time I went to Brazil I bought a piece of fabric with the Copacabana beach pattern. My plan was to make a couple of pillow cases for my living room but somehow I changed my mind and decided to create two canvas for…

August 5, 2016
table far

A simple and summery baby shower

A very nice group of friends got together on a hot afternoon to celebrate a summery baby shower organized by me. The shower took place at home and the theme chosen was “elephants”. A simple but festive buffet included a chocolate cake, cupcakes, coconut brigadeiros, sandwiches, fruits and…

July 31, 2016
balcony before and after

Summer balcony makeover – greatest hits!

I really like the apartment where I live. It is bright with its large windows, located on a very quiet area, there is a train station only 2 walking minutes from it and very good connections to the city. The only problem was the…

July 24, 2016

My last course assignment

OMG, I can’t believe that I have just submitted my last course assignment! Wow, I started the Interior Design course in May 2015 and I really learned a lot of technical and practical skills in the past 14 months. 12 modules, each of them…

July 22, 2016

My 11th Course Assignment

For the 11th assignment of my Interior Design course I chose the office from my renovation project. This room also contains an en-suite bathroom for guests, which is indicated by a second door on the background, and a guest couch on the wall in…

July 17, 2016